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Kathleen Maddox's only son
Hobo tramp nobody
Box car jug of wine
Straight razor getting too close to me
Did time for robbery
But that's not what she's known around here for
By the time I was five
School was on fire
She told me she couldn't take it no more

They called him creepy but he showed me how
To play a couple chords on the old guitar
He also showed me how to turn a bitch out
A heartless trick but it took me far
By the end of the fifties I had all of my own
For a song and a sweet talk or two
But I’m learning how going in and out of the system
Was almost the same thing to do

When I got out everything changed
Easy to fool but so strange
Tell a hippie girl she's pretty and she’ll cry for days
But she'll give it away so you can't make it pay
So all of the girls agree
That together we could make a rockstar out of me
But then we started
Taking acid
Things really got out of hand then

I don't like looking back on those days now
Words we said, clothes we wore
I act crazy when I get asked about
I can't explain how I can't explain no more
But, it wasn't only the Beatles
We also jammed out to the Moody Blues man
Music spoke to you back then
The music spoke to you back then