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Digger Dave's Crazy Woman Blues



Digger Dave was a friend of mine
Got himself into a bit of a mess one time
Minding his business drinking his wine
When he heard a shotgun blast

It wasn't anything he hadn't heard before
But then that girl Christine came crying through his door
Screaming Yukon Jack told me to get rid of this thing fast

Yukon Jack and Digger Dave sound like a couple of names
That I might have just made up but
I'm telling you this is the truest story I tell

She set down the gun and took off running
Digger Dave followed her and soon come up on
That death wish kid from Michigan
He's laying there all shot up to hell

He'd had a death wish since he come up from the lower 48
And they'd all been drinking vodka for two days straight
When the fistfight started it was already too late
For anyone to keep any peace

No one could remember what the fight was about
But by all accounts the kid pulled the first gun out
Self defense beyond a shadow of a doubt
Is what they all agreed to tell the police

Digger Dave said no ya'll are on your own with this
Walked over to AJ's and drank himself pissed
Cop yellow tape was strung out all over the place
When he finally come walking back out

A victim of circumstance if there ever was one
Last time that I saw him he said that he had just done
A year and a half of what he called
Letting that crazy bitch into his house
Got a new song about it though
Sang it for him behind the pub, it said...

Crazy woman blues
I got the crazy woman blues
I got the crazy woman blues
I never should have let her into my house

Only one way to know how far is just far enough
You got to go a little bit too far and then back up
And hope hard luck ain't on your side

The town council had already planned to meet
About all the drinking and drugging down there on Brunell Street
A little bit too late I guess
At least for that kid that died

Crazy woman blues
Crazy woman blues
Crazy woman blues
I never should have let her into my house