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From a Rooftop



East Nashville? Shit, man
We're living in a dream world over here
Born on a full moon's what I heard
Turned over drinks from a neighborhood into a full-on goddamn dream world
By two guys if you ask me
Mike "Grimey" Grimes and Skip Kenneth Francis "Play a Fuckin' Train Song" Litz
The spirit of whom many still claim to see on full moon's to this day
Swervin' up Woodland in that ghost of a Cadillac he drives
Of course a lot of us smoke more dope before 9am that most people do all day
Saturday nights at the Three Crow, Sunday's - Alley Cat
We're that guy from your town that would rather pick than eat
And we all met here to do almost exactly that
We usually got about a half a tank of gas
And we don't feel like crossing the river
But we will, we will if it's for a song we like

Nobody else in the whole world knows when Mac's gonna open the Radio Cafe
But we do, and we tell each other
We stand around down there and smoke during Dave Olney's break
Just like we do outside the Family Wash during Tommy Womack's
On the Fourth, we have the best illegal fireworks show on earth
Last year, we even got it together to organize a non-fly-over by the United States Air Force
It was beautiful
We were all pretty high
Our skyline, it ain't very high
But we love it
It says "Discount Cigarettes Liquor and Wine" across it
I think our neighborhood's a lot like our skyline
We've got great news and we're shoutin' it from the highest rooftop we got

...we deliver