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Is This Thing Working?



Is this thing working?
Is this thing on?

In the hallway of a high school
Anywhere, USA
There was a bully that would pick on a different kid
And it seemed like every day
He had this pack of back-slappin' buddies
That would laugh and back him up all the way
And this screaming girlfriend that would make-believe
In everything he would say

Is this thing working?
Is this thing on?

Because then one day this kid
That he beat up a couple times before
Realized to even his own surprise
That he probably could indeed take more
And with that he hatched the evil plan
To make that devil pay
He walked up to him in the middle of the gym
And he found the nerve to say

If you're gonna hit somebody today
You're gonna hit me too
In fact you're gonna hit me every day
Because now I'm picking on you
And as crazy as it all might sound right now
I'm not stopping until I'm through
It's too late to beg for mercy

Is this thing working?
Is this thing on?

That bully he just laughed and laughed of course
And so did all of his friends
And he beat that poor kid unmercifully
For days and days on end
Only slightly less impressively each time
To that girl and all his friends
Who would eventually secretly
Start hoping for that kid to win

So is this thing working?
Is this thing on?

You'll never hear him say this now
Because he thinks we still don't know
But winning this battle every day
Cost our bully the war a long time ago
And of all the scars he's got to show
For every blow that kid sneaks in
The worst one is probably knowing that tomorrow
He's gonna have to get up and fight that kid again

Is this thing working?
Is this thing on?

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