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Jerry Jeff

I still remember how me and my brother drove out to the old Gruene Hall
He bought the beer
He bought the tickets
We found a place by the wall
Jerry Jeff Walker
Calico boots
All by himself
Telling the truth

Mr. Bojangles and Charlie Dunn
Desperados Waiting for a Train
Sung about Stoney and Railroad Lady
Sangria Wine and Hill Country Rain
So many people
So many songs
Going where we never been
Singing along
I had never seen anything like that before

About a week later I was in Austin standing in a pawn shop
Bought myself a guitar
I'm learning to play to this day
I'm seeing the world from the window of a car
I've been to Sioux Falls looking for it all
I ain't seen nothing like that night at Gruene Hall
So far off the wall
So tired out and truly free
I said that's for me

I wanna play my guitar until the day that I die
I wanna play my guitar until the day that I die

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