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Peace, Love, and Anarchy Liner Notes

Provided by Todd Snider

i wanted to write down some history on these songs
so people can no where they came from
most people think they are east nashville out takes
but only one is.....deja blues..

recorded down stairs at oh boy as a demo for new connection
but it just didnt feel right to me for another year
i wrote this and broke on skip litzs piano
around the same time

feel like im falling in love
me and jack wrote this at my farm in fairview
we wrote barbie doll later that same morning
it was understood we were writing for his record
although i was the one falling in love at the time
these were written between viva sattelite and happy to be here

missing you
same farm in fairview off highway one hundred
on a break from the viva satelite tour
wrote this while listening to credence chronicle
i always liked this demo better than the album version
this was written for happy to be here

barbie doll
same morning as the other song. we also wrote a song
called "im a good man woman"
we were on a roll
ive recorded this song for happy to be here, new connection,
east nashville and the devil you know.....
we just never got close to jacks version
so why bother

old friend
jesus ingram....your crowding my out takes record.
scoot over fucker they cant see me....
me and rivers rutherford wrote this song at the cherokee arms apartments
on madison in memphis was 1990
and neither of us had ever had a cut or made a record yet.
in fact his name wasnt rivers then it was mel
this is an out take from happy to be here
.....rivers is probably my oldest friend in the game

comb over blues
another happy to be here out take....
my old buddy rivers came by to help record old friend
and i sprung this on them too.
rivers talked me out of using this. he said it sounded mean
i said "im talking about myself" then i spent a half hour
trying to show everybody my bald spot
but they werent having it.
we all agreed i should wait a few years
so people will know im talking about myself
and sadly now, enough of those years have passed.

i will not go hungry
this is a new connection out take
but i have sung this song for years...
just something i started singing myself to sleep with
(back in the ketchup soup days)
not sure exactly when or where
i just know ive had this since way before daily planet record
i never thought of it as a song for other people

this isnt an out take was recorded last year at peter coopers house
we just sit around picking and drinking all the time
and peter records it all. he has hours of me singing and reading poems
and just generally keeping his wife charlotte awake.
this was jjw night....i think i handed the record to someone after a show once
so its out there.

some things are
this demo out take is from the devil you know.
universal was very gracious about this project with oh boy
and lent tracks...
this was recorded in a lake house
again by peter cooper
we were up staring at the lake and getting ready to make the devil you know
i finished up this and happy new year at the lake house
but had been working on both all year
the song is about a friend a friend of mine
who found out
a few years into father hood
that maybe he wasnt a father after all.
heart breaking shit.
in the end he made the heroic decisicion
not to care
i tossed the song cuz i thought the climax hinged on the test results coming
back while your at the office
my friend said actually you have to wait a couple weeks
which i thought just wasnt as dramatic
so i said fuck it.

deja blues
this is the only "out take" on here from east nashville
the melody and chords are identical to "the good news blues"
we spent the day fucking with this song
and then i said ....lets try it one more time
only this time, for reasons of impulse, i sang the good news blues lyrics
and the track worked.
and we just liked it so much. we kept it as it was.
leaving this song on the floor

dinner plans
this is one of the many hiakus coopers drinks me into recording sometimes
it was written the night i was supposed to meet melitas parents
but earlier in the afternoon i ran into bob mercer on the streets of new york
and when i run into bob mercer..
we had to cancel dinner.

east nashville skyline
this, ironically enough, is an out take from the devil you know....
the song was half done during the recording of east nashville
so i put it on ice thinking the devil you know would be kinda like
east nashville skyline part two
with only that one song implying the connection
but somewhere in the switching of labels
legal issues got involved
and in the end it was "the giant machine" that acted with class

from a roof top
this was written and recorded specifically for a compilation of east nashvillle artist
i wanted to be part of it and didnt have a song. so i wrote a poem

cheatham street wharehouse
this is also a devil you know out take, but there was a half written sketch of it
in the east nashville vaults which again meant that my unfinished song
was no longer mine to finish
of course i didnt realize this til i finished the song
and recorded it for the devil you know
this song and east nashville skyline
were taken off the devil you know at the last second
cuz al bunnetta claimed some kinda owner ship
these devil you know out takes being on this record
are proof
of how the "big label/bob mercer" acted
when the shoe was on the other footcheatham street was written
about kent finlay
i used to live at his house
he taught me to write songs
he always wakes up and plays piano
to this day
this was written when he got diagnosed with cancer
and they told us
all he was gonna die
which he didnt