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Precious Little Miracles



It's hard to comprehend them
Everybody knows it's true
We'll never understand them
No matter what we do

Take the kids around here for instance if you will
They drive around looking for people to kill
Not even for the money but rather for the thrill
Oh kids, they can be a handful

Their pants around their hipbones
Who wears their pants like that
Come here kid
Let me hitch up your britches
And while we're at it let's fix that hat

So your school is a joke
And you'll always be poor
And your pleas to the rich
Have been heard and ignored
Is that what all you crazy kids are so upset for
Come on now, there's still fun things to do here
For instance, we could go down to the park
And pick up all the garbage
That's laying around
Or maybe we could work a bunch of skits up
And perform them for the people in town

You know this life is such a joy
For so many of us
We can't too much more of your push come to shove us
What we need all you kids to do
Is buckle down and love us
Come on kid, buckle down and love us