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Shit Sandwich

Release Date: August 10, 2011
© 2011 Aimless Records

1. Pretty Boy Go Back To Franklin
2. Bocephus
3. Enough Is Enough
4. 37206
5. Ways and Means
6. Eastside Bulldog

shit sandwich was recorded by eric mcconnell

the main performance on these songs was the saxaphone
work of the late great dennis taylor

he was and is a legend and some say these sessions
were his last.
i will never forget his heart and humor
he loved this idea that we would just record and yell for fun
and no other real reason.
i remember the day we recorded these songs
there was an artical in the paper where i said
i was going to take a break from writing and recording.
after take one dennis shouted
"well that was a short break!"

these songs are dedicated to the dennis taylor family
please look up his discography.

i sang and played the electric guitar both lead and rythmn
and sang lead style vocals as elmo buzz
eric mcconnell played bass as well
mark horn played drums
and jenn gunderman played piano

the east side bulldogs are made up of about 10 or 15 different people
often including peter cooper, paul griffith, will kimbrough, tommy womack,
tim carroll, bobby bare jr.,and many others based on who is home
when the mighty mighty bulldogs unite.
recently elizibeth cook has taken over lead style vocals
but we havent had a chance to perform with that version of the band
in public yet.

yesterday over drinks i asked elmo buzz where these songs came from.

heres his thoughts on "hey pretty boy, go back to franklin"

"its about hanging out at the three crow
and having some clown come over from across the river to talk shit on
just because he doesnt sell as many records now as he used too.

who gives a shit!
bocephus already has kick ass cars, kick ass chicks, kicks ass and partys hard!!

and i should add, bocephus sure as shit doesnt have to sit around the three crow
and talk about singers sales going down like some kinda pretty boy.....
he's already got a pig in the ground and some beer on ice
what do YOU want?

the second song is actually called bocephus

"this song doesnt feature my lead style vocals but rather my take off guitar.
we were just jammin this one night at our world headquarters and when the B chord came back to the E chord it just felt natural to yell something like "tequila" or "soul finger"
or something like that. so as the B was changing to the E i thought fast on my feet for something to say that i knew would mean something deep and personal for everybody in east nashville and when the moment came i yelled "bocephus"
the word wasnt even past the BO part when the band realized where i was headed and joined in on the shout out. thats one of the cool things about being in a band 30 plus years is that everybody knows when your about fixing to yell bocephus."


"well thats just a kick ass party hardy shout out to my neigbors over here on the east side of nashville where the men are still men and the sheep are nervous because they've been led over the river to write songs about how country they supposedly are and how deep in the woods they drove before the cranked some country icon and drank a beer on a tailgate while hot chicks who also drove way out into the woods danced.

they know they will never be allowed back over to tomato country without a sound flogging and or a flog sounding. we just flat out kick ass over here and we got the bumper stickers and t-shirts to prove it. for my money you are either down with the east nashville vibe or you are down the road kicking a turd mumbling.

(at some point in this diatribe elmo called me a finger picker. ouch)

bulldog fightsong

"thats about the night i whipped taylor swifts bass players ass in front of his girlfriend and my girlfriend and everybody elses girlfriends. he was all "i dont fight!" and "i won't defend myself" and i was all like "to late fonzie, nobody talks about bocephus like that in the three crowe. nobody. so after a couple a ka-zows and ka-pows i half nelsoned him (wasnt gonna waist a full one) out onto woodland and back off to where ever people go when they leave east nashville. there is no official 360 degree opposite of east nashville because it changes as big and rich travel. anyway, this song is about kickin ass and partying hard.

ways and means

this is a song i co-wrote with my friend peter cooper. he came over the night before the sessions and i told him i had to write an album before i went to bed and so i was just yelling words and not worrying about what they were. so i said just shout something and he said ok im shouting hey hey hey and in two and half minutes we had another song. its about a young girl who moves to the east side to become a rich and famous americana singer and also mentions a money loan from the east sides most successful songwriter warren pash who wrote private eyes for hall and oats which is explained in the song by our back ground style vocalists"

east side bullddog

"this is our band theme song. i was watching the monkees late that night before the sessions and when they said "hey hey were the monkeys" i thought yeah, we need a hey hey im a bulldog song.

of course were not to busy singing to put anybody down. in fact, for the most part were to busy putting people down to sing, but we are proud of how burned out we are and tonight we really might get our cars jacked and or write a hit song or both. in fact, if the car jacker knows anything about back woods bon fire partys you could be sitting in gods pocket and not even know it."

then he said .

"you know,, you've always bugged me snider.
in fact why the fuck am i even sitting here talking to you
about kick ass party hardy rock and roll
when i could be out actually kicking ass and partying hard ......"

then he yelled


and thus ended my conversation with the man locals now as "the buzz"

enjoy the songs.
try not to over think them and if you've ever been to a songwriter camp or shooshed somebody at a folk concert you may want to back away slowly from this whole mess.