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December 18, 1996 - Smith's Olde Bar - Atlanta, GA


Once He Finds Us
Honeysuckle Blue [Drivin' N Cryin']
Sideshow Blues
[Hey Hey story]
Hey Hey
A Lot More
I Believe You
You Think You Know Somebody
[Band introductions]
[Can't Complain story]
Can't Complain
My Generation, Part 2
[Unknown houseguest story]
Kicking Up a Racket
Turn It Up
Easy Money
Alright Guy
Late Last Night


SOURCE: SBD | QUALITY: A | COMPLETE: No | LENGTH: 58:42 | TAPER: Undetermined

NOTES: Recording missing everything after Turn It Up.


David Zollo and Will Kimbrough opened this show. Todd's set includes the Nervous Wrecks: Will Kimbrough (guitar), Joe McLeary (drums), Joe Mariencheck (bass), and David Zollo (keys). Before Hey Hey, Todd tells a story of a girl he used to live with across the road from the zoo in Atlanta. Eventually, after juggling his relationship and his tour, he was given an ultimatum by the girl -- he chose to leave as he says he was in his "Bono phase." He goes on to say that he tells that story because he wants to "establish early on in the show that [he's] a complete fucking idiot. Cause later in the show [he's] gonna be jumping around and dancing like a complete fucking idiot.....As always, our shows are a celebration of complete stupidity." Todd apologizes after playing You Think You Know Somebody: "Sorry about that...right next to Christmas." My Generation, Part 2 referred to as "My Generation 90210." The story after My Generation, Part 2 is about Todd and Will sleeping after a night drinking and waking up to a guy in the house asking them if they "need a brew." When both guys decline, the unknown houseguest walks out the front door -- neither Todd nor Will have any idea who he was.