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June 28, 1997 - What the Folk Festival - Memphis, TN


Sideshow Blues (Todd Snider)
[Todd's welcome]
[Keith Sykes intro]
I Love Football (Keith Sykes)
One True Love (Keith Sykes)
Volcano (Keith Sykes)
[Jack Ingram intro]
Picture on My Wall (Jack Ingram)
Airways Motel (Jack Ingram)
I Can't Leave You (Jack Ingram)
[Kim Richey intro]
Long Way Back (Kim Richey)
I Know (Kim Richey)
I'm Alright (Kim Richey)
[Todd talking]
Plastic Girl (Kent Finlay)
[Bottle Rockets intro]
Perfect Far Away (Bottle Rockets)
Indianapolis (Bottle Rockets)
Idiot's Revenge (Bottle Rockets)
Welfare Music (Bottle Rockets)
[Kevin Kinney intro]
Chattahoochie Coochie Man (Kevn Kinney)
Let's Go Dancing (Kevn Kinney)
[David Franklin intro]
Bones and All (David Franklin)
Straight to Hell (Kevn Kinney)
*[Songwriter award to Todd]
Gallo Del Cielo (Joe Ely)
Ranches and Rivers (Joe Ely)
Behind the Bamboo Shade (Joe Ely)
Letter to Laredo (Joe Ely)
Christmas Time in Washington (Steve Earle)
Now She's Gone (Steve Earle)
More Than I Can Do (Steve Earle)
My Old Friend the Blues (Steve Earle)
Someday (Steve Earle)
Copperhead Road (Steve Earle)
[Jerry Jeff Walker intro]
L.A. Freeway (Jerry Jeff Walker)
Sangria Wine (Jerry Jeff Walker)
Redneck Mother (Jerry Jeff Walker)
Taking It As It Comes (Jerry Jeff Walker)
Mr. Bojangles (Jerry Jeff Walker)
[Todd Snider intro]
My Generation, Part 2 (Todd Snider)
Rocket Fuel (Todd Snider)
Alright Guy (Todd Snider)
Late Last Night (All)
Oh Boy (All)
Will the Circle Be Unbroken (All)


SOURCE: SBD? | QUALITY: C+ | COMPLETE: Yes | LENGTH: 222:20 | TAPER: Undetermined

NOTES: Some minor cuts in the recording following a few songs.


Benefit for the Memphis Food Bank hosted by WERG Rock 103.


On Alright Guy: