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October 11, 1997 - Elliston Place - Nashville, TN


Easy Money
Hey Hey
Hard Enough
[Crowd sings Happy Birthday to Todd]
I Shall Be Free, No. 10 [Bob Dylan] > Talkin' Seattle Grunge Rock Blues
Hey Hey My My [Neil Young]
Once He Finds Us
My Generation, Part 2
Late Last Night > [Feeling old story]
I Believe You
[Alright Guy opening]
That's Alright Mama [The Beatles]
Alright Guy > Walk on the Wild Side [Lou Reed]
Great Balls of Fire [Jerry Lee Lewis]

Amarillo By Morning [George Strait]
Street Fighting Man [Rolling Stones]


SOURCE: SBD | QUALITY: B+ | COMPLETE: Yes | LENGTH: 92:53 | TAPER: Undetermined

NOTES: Tape flip during Late Last Night.


Todd's 31st birthday. Nervous Wrecks show with Dan Baird (guitar), Ross Rice (piano), Paul Buchignani (drums), and Joe Mariencheck (bass). Todd's back on that mission of "executing each and every last arena rock cliché in existence." Another great drums and harmonica version of Talkin' Seattle Grunge Rock Blues. Before the end of Late Last Night, Todd tells a story of going to visit the doctor ("I felt old. I was about to put on a damn sweater.") That's Alright Mama performed in honor of Todd's birthday. During Walk on the Wild Side, Todd attempts an Elvis impression but ends up sounding more like Butthead (as in Beavis & Butthead) -- he rebounds with an excellent crowd hyper: "Put your hands in the air. While you at it, ya'll can go ahead and wave 'em like you just don't care. Now, somebody scream." Ross Rice follows up with The Roof is on Fire ("At this point, we either play Welcome to the Jungle or we get the fuck out of here.").


On Talkin' Seattle Grunge Rock Blues:

On Late Last Night: On Alright Guy: