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March 7, 2002 - B&A Warehouse - Birmingham, AL


Vinyl Records
You Think You Know Somebody
[Lonely Girl story]
Lonely Girl
[Statistician's Blues story]
Statistician's Blues
[Just in Case story]
Just in Case
This Land is Our Land > This Land is My Land [Woody Guthrie] > Fortunate Son [CCR]
D.B. Cooper
[Late Last Night story]
Late Last Night
All My Life
My Generation, Part 2
Somebody's Coming

---set break---

Can't Complain
Hey Hey
[Moondawg story]
Moondawg's Tavern
[Digger Dave story]
Horseshoe Lake
Missing You
Easy Money > It's Only Rock 'n' Roll [Rolling Stones]
Beer Run
Plastic Girl [Kent Finlay]
Sideshow Blues
Long Year
Alright Guy > [Guidance counselor story]

Keep Off the Grass
The Accident [John Prine]
That's the Way That the World Goes Round [John Prine]


LENGTH: 119:42
TAPER: Steve "Sparky" Hassenplug
NOTES: Recording problem during Horseshoe Lake. Recording cuts out during The Accident.


The crowd is pretty rowdy early on -- repeatedly yelling at Todd to take his shoes off (somehow this makes the show better?). Eventually, Todd lets the crowd know that "I usually don't take my shoes off just because people tell me to." Before Lonely Girl, Todd tells the crowd to direct any displeasures to the sound man -- for example "I could use a little more reverb." The soundman gives a funny response by cranking up the reverb during Todd's next sentence. Before Just in Case, Todd suggests that he does perform weddings: "It costs a lot. I do this [Just in Case] twice and then Proud Mary." Before My Generation, Part 2, Todd suggests a sing-a-long but makes is very clear that "there's a real fine line between a sing-a-long and a singer that looks like a jackass trying to get a sing-a-long going."


On Alright Guy: