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July 10, 2003 - Georgia Theatre - Athens, GA


Uncle Disney [Patterson Hood]
Tension [Todd Snider] > Three Little Birds [Bob Marley]
[Sink Hole story]
Sink Hole [Hood]
[45 Miles story]
45 Miles [Snider]
[Tornadoes story]
Tornadoes (It Sounded Like a Train) [Hood]
Long Year [Snider]
[Margo and Harold story]
Margo and Harold [Hood]
[Betty Was Black story]
Betty Was Black (Willie Was White)
Tails Facing Up [Hood]
[Late Last Night story]
Late Last Night [Snider]
[White Knuckle story]
White Knuckle, West Virginia [Hood]
[Kingsmen story]
Ballad of the Kingsmen [Snider]
My Sweet Annette [Hood]
Easy Money [Snider] > It's Only Rock 'n' Roll [Rolling Stones]
[G.G. Allen story]
The Night G.G. Allen Came to Town [Hood]
[Statistician's Blues story]
Statistician's Blues [Snider]
George Jones Talkin' Cell Phone Blues [Hood]
Rocket Fuel [Snider]
Heathens [Hood]
Vinyl Records [Snider]
18 Wheels of Love [Hood]
This Land is Our Land [Snider] > Fortunate Son [CCR]
(Something's Got to) Give Pretty Soon [Hood]
[Lonely Girl story]
Lonely Girl [Snider]
The Living Bubba [Hood]
Sideshow Blues [Snider]
[Let There Be Rock story]
Let There Be Rock [Hood]
Alright Guy [Snider]
Roll Another Number (For the Road) [Neil Young]
Sandwiches for the Road [Hood]
Keep Off the Grass [Snider]
Straight to Hell [Drivin' 'n Cryin']


LENGTH: 174:49
TAPER: Sloan Simpson
NOTES: At the end of each disc, the recording fades but that track is repeated in its entirety as the first track of the next disc.


Todd trading songs with Patterson Hood of the Drive-By Truckers. Both performers are on vocals for their own songs -- Todd is on vocals for Betty Was Black (Willie Was White) and Straight to Hell. Both are on vocals during Roll Another Number (For the Road).


On Tension:

On Alright Guy: