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March 5, 2004 - Cactus Cafe - Austin, TX


Age Like Wine
Long Year
Beer Run
[Aaron Allan story]
Ballad of the Devil's Backbone Tavern
Horseshoe Lake
Can't Complain
[Rose City story]
Rose City Blues
[Kingsmen story]
Ballad of the Kingsmen
D.B. Cooper
Statistician's Blues
[Train Song story]
Play a Train Song
Keep Off the Grass
I Spoke as a Child
Waco Moon
Old Chunk of Coal [Billy Joe Shaver]
[45 Miles story]
45 Miles
Easy Money
Vinyl Records
Alright Guy
Sideshow Blues

Fish and Whistle [John Prine]
Ride Me Down Easy
Doublewide Blues


South Austin Jug Band opened this show.

Review by Jan Behney:

The show sold out quickly and they were turning people away at the door.

Opening band for Todd was the South Austin Jug Band. If you like a bluegrass flavor, or even if you don't, you need to experience the magic that comes out of 2 guitars, a standup bass, a mandolin and a fiddle. These guys are fairly young and extremely talented. The mandolin player, lead guitar player and fiddle player all had hands that disappeared in a blur of motion - and the sounds that came out of all that were amazing.

Todd looks great! He has that twinkle in his eyes and breaks into that wide grin of his often. Appeared to truly enjoy himself. Wondered if you noticed in the set list that he played songs for all 3 of his fallen comrades and a new one for his very ill friend, Kent? Todd played for 3 hours! He apologized for having to cancel previous shows and we believe he was trying to make up for it! He said something about playing till the place shut down, then asked how late they were open? "4 o'clock!" was the answer. "Oh, no.. I'm not playing that late!" The after show appearance was worth waiting for - a few die hard fans waited the full half hour. Todd was comfortable talking with everyone, and signing autographs. He was lamenting, however, that he would be missing Kent Finlay's daughter's wedding & party tonight. Wished he could have attended... Hope you folks in Houston are enjoying tonight's show!