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March 10, 2004 - Tin Angel - Philadelphia, PA


Age Like Wine
Long Year
Can't Complain
Statistitian's Blues
[45 Miles story]
45 Miles
D.B. Cooper
All My Life
Ballad of the Kingsmen
Ballad of the Devil's Backbone Tavern

--set break--

Vinyl Records
Horseshoe Lake


This show stirred up quite a controversy at the time. After reading several reviews of this show, this is a run-down of what took place on this evening: Todd played a typical set of his songs and took a break after Ballad of the Devil's Backbone Tavern. He returned to the stage for a second set starting things off with Vinyl Records and then moving into Horseshoe Lake. Allegedly, during the first verse of Horseshoe Lake, someone from the crowd approached the stage and made a comment to Todd to the effect of "Learn to play electric [guitar]." Todd responded with a simple, "Right." He then removed his guitar, picked up and commented on a David Zollo sticker that was on the stage, and tossed his pick to the crowd. He said, "God bless all ya." and proceeded to leave the stage and the building. Following the show, the message board on Todd's official web site was flooded with disgruntled fans bashing Todd while his true fans did their best to support him as an artist and a human being. Little is said about this show anymore as it appears that the dust has settled.

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