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March 19, 2004 - Aladdin Theater - Portland, OR


Age Like Wine
Long Year
[Tillamook County Jail story]
Tillamook County Jail
[45 Miles story]
45 Miles
D.B. Cooper
Class of '85
Statistician's Blues
Tension > Three Little Birds [Bob Marley]
[Kingsmen story]
Ballad of the Kingsmen
Horseshoe Lake
Missing You
Ballad of the Devil's Backbone Tavern
Beer Run
Alright Guy
Easy Money > It's Only Rock 'n' Roll [Rolling Stones]
Fish and Whistle [John Prine]
Sideshow Blues

Vinyl Records
Rose City Blues


LENGTH: 114:47
NOTES: A decent audience recording but the crowd noise is pretty significant. Sound levels on Disc 2 are slightly lower than on Disc 1.


Fish and Whistle on mandolin and Rose City Blues on piano. Dylan-Thomas Vance opened this show.

Review by Russel Brightman:

Alladin Theater is old movie theater that seats 600+, according to the doorman. Not sold out, but close - at least 550.  Nice balcony.  Beer and wine sold in lobby, with full bar attached. Not sure why, but if you bought in the bar, you could not bring your drinks in, even with a to go cup. Like all the other random things they do in Oregon, there must have been a legit reason for it, but at the time it seemed retarded. Basically just microbrews in the lobby, which is fine, unless you were weaned on Bud like it was milk.

Respectful audience was seated and was about the nicest audience I've ever been a part of for a concert.  Todd wore brown corduroy jacket. Seemed happy to be home, a bit subdued. Most tunes were carried out slower than usual, some softer, though I've noticed lately this is the direction he's going. I spoke with road manager the next night and he said Portland was a late night.  He also said they drove from Pennsylvania to Portland - wow. I did not try to say hello after Portland, as I figured he'd be tied up with old friends. Not sure, but my sister thought Melita was there.

Review by Wally Potter:
The theater was all but sold out (400+). Todd acknowledged several old high school friends in the crowd that he had talked to that afternoon. He said several times that "after the show if former school pals go back stage and tell security of school ties that they will let you in to see me."A guy named Dylan Thomas Vance opened the show, and this guy was rather interesting. He played nothing but slide guitar, regular e/a box style with open tuning and a steel bar. All finger picking, and very up-beat. He did an oustanding job on J. Hendrixx' Voodoo child. And about half-a-dozen original tunes. It was quite good.Todd came out clean shaven and with longer hair than I've seen on him in awhile. He was loose and very animated. 


On Tension:

On Alright Guy: