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July 9, 2004 - Canal Club - Richmond, VA


Age Like Wine
Tillamook County Jail
Easy Money
Play a Train Song
This Land is Our Land
Ballad of the Kingsmen
[Rose City story]
Rose City Blues
Keep Off the Grass
Can't Complain
Mountain Dew
Statistician's Blues
Conservative Christian...
Alright Guy
It Adds Up
Beer Run
Better Than Ever Blues, Part 2
Vinyl Records
Heart of Gold [Neil Young]

Doublewide Blues
Stoney [Jerry Jeff Walker]
Call Me the Breeze [J.J. Cale]


Review by Chad Hutchinson:

it was a really really fun concert. i got a table directly in front of the stage. it was awesome. todd seemed a little 'distant'. the stories weren't as flowing and 'crisp' as usual, but i think that was the crowd's fault. it was a good sized crowd, and there did seem to be a lot of people that knew a lot of the songs. but while todd was talking you could always hear some idiots talking somewhere. and the crowd was a little disrespectful. they kept yelling "tell some stories". but todd handled it all very well. one time while todd was telling a story some idiot right next to the stage just started talking very loudly to his buddy. so todd just stopped, right in the middle of his story and stared at the guy. then he said "i don't mind if you talk while i'm up here, but if you do, i'm gonna try to listen to what you're saying".this guy next to me got up to get some beers and coming back he dropped one. and he was right in front of the stage. and it was loud. todd said "thats ok, i do that alot too". i laughed. then the guy offered todd one of the beers, which todd politely declined.oh-- todd came out for the encore and strummed up the first chord to 'doublewide'. i quickly wrote it down on my piece of paper. todd totally gave me grief then. he said "are you writing this down? well now i'm not gonna play it". and i was like--"sorry... please play it". and he said "well what else have i played?" and i told him he'd played a lot of stuff. he asked if he'd played this one yet (referring to doublewide). i said no, so he said ok, and then he played it. it was cool.todd sounded great. he did his flexing pose a couple times. and he handled the audience very well. i swiped a copy of the official setlist. 'enjoy yourself' was on there, but he didn't play that one. but he played a bunch that weren't on there.i had a great time. AND i was psyched to see that they had the new CD for sale. i bought it and got todd to sign it. i've listened to it 5 or 6 times so far. i really really like it.