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July 24, 2004 - Nevada Museum of Art - Reno, NV


Age Like Wine
Hey Hey
Easy Money
Alright Guy
Ballad of the Kingsmen
[Rose City story]
Rose City Blues
Can't Complain
This Land is Our Land
D.B. Cooper
[Freebird teaser]
TV Guide
Good News Blues
Play a Train Song
Beer Run
Conservative Christian...
Once He Finds Us
L.A. Freeway [Guy Clark]
Ballad of the Devil's Backbone Tavern
Vinyl Records
Heart of Gold [Neil Young]

A Lot More
I Believe You
It All Adds Up


LENGTH: 6:15
TAPER: Stacie Huckeba
NOTES: Recorded as a data disc in format playable on Quicktime software. Includes three stories from this performance, one of which is recorded sideways.


Review by Melyssa Reynolds:

Well, got in line nice and early on Friday, met up with a cool guy named Bob, got great seats, and ten went and waited (down in the car) for Amy Rigby to come on. They were running a pretty prompt program, so it was just about 7:00 when she took the stage.

She was a bit worked. She has been on the road for a couple of months, and has just returned from England, Ireland, Scotland... She played a fun set, sorry, no real notes or anything. She took a nice little bow at the end of her set, and fell. Yes, fell. Flat on the stage, still holding her guitar. The crows was so into her performance, I don't even think most people noticed at all. She had already said it had been a very hard road trip with lots of stuff going wrong, I felt bad for her, but she had a nice recovery and gave a nice encore as desired by the audience.

Todd took the stage a touch after 8:00, he had his cowboy hat (he wore it the night before) but did not wear it much. Again, quite windy up there in the high desert at night.