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September 10, 2004 - Maxam Fort'e Ballroom - Peoria, IL


Age Like Wine
Play a Train Song
Beer Run
D.B. Cooper
Alcohol and Pills
Missing You
[Trouble story interrupted]
Easy Money
Alright Guy
[Kingsmen story interrupted]
Ballad of the Kingsmen
Late Last Night
Somebody's Coming
Can't Complain
Statistician's Blues
Hey, Hey
Plastic Girl [Kent Finlay]
Vinyl Records
Good News Blues
All My Life
Doublewide Blues
Heart of Gold [Neil Young]

Conservative Christian...
Better Than Ever Blues, Part 2
Food and Pussy [Dan Reeder]
A Lot More


LENGTH: 86:11
TAPER: Tim Lybarger
NOTES: Quick recording adjustment after Ballad of the Kingsmen and Heart of Gold. Can't Complain split into two tracks -- no break in recording. The track with the second part of Can't Complain also includes Statistician's Blues.


Originally scheduled to be held at Brewster's Comedy Club downstairs, this show was moved to this location after much confusion. Todd talks about this confusion after Play a Train Song: "People asked me if I was a comedian. I'm not. I'm a composer. This is some very serious, VERY serious shit. I don't want anybody laughing or smiling or having any fuckin' fun." Each time Todd starts to tell a story, he's interrupted by one of the many jackasses in the crowd -- for example the idiot who yells, "Yonder Mountain!" from the back of the room (for no reason) during the Trouble story. Todd responds, "That REALLY enhanced the show" and moves right into Easy Money. After two attempted stories, Todd just plays music.

Review by Tim Lybarger:

This show had tons of potential. We came in to a candle-lit ballroom with white tablecloths on each of the round banquet tables which had been set up. Our seats were up front just to what would be Todd's right side. We were pretty fired up for a great show. Then the idiots chimed in full force. Todd would begin a story only to be interrupted by some screaming moron in the audience. It was very clear that Todd's frustration was growing -- the look on his face said it all when some girl in the back, in the middle of a story, screamed "YONDER MOUNTAIN" at the top of her lungs. This type of nonsense is irritating. If you listen to the recording of this show, the start of the second disc shows what kind of an obnoxious crowd was present on this night. There is so much random screaming and yelling that it sounds like the recording was made at a wrestling match. C'mon, folks, have some class.


On Alright Guy:

On Ballad of the Kingsmen: On Doublewide Blues: