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December 10, 2004 - Canal Street Tavern - Dayton, OH


Age Like Wine
Alcohol and Pills
[Vinyl Records/Music festival story]
Vinyl Records
D.B. Cooper
Play a Train Song
[Judge Judy story]
Ballad of the Kingsmen
[Seattle Grunge Rock/Chicago story]
Talkin' Seattle Grunge Rock Blues
This Land Is Our Land > Can't You See [Marshall Tucker Band]
Can't Complain

---set break---

Better Than Ever Blues, Part 2
Hey Hey
Easy Money
Horseshoe Lake
Late Last Night
Alright Guy
Beer Run
TV Guide
All My Life
Doublewide Blues
[Conservative Christian intro]
Conservative Christian...
Somebody's Coming
Enjoy Yoursel

Heart of Gold [Neil Young]


LENGTH: 118:12
TAPER: Aaron Wevodau


Will Kimbrough opened this show and played guitar during Todd's set. A marriage proposal in the crowd takes place at the beginning of the encore.The crowd keeps yelling at Todd to tell stories throughout the show -- at one point Todd responds that he's got a "fuckload of them." During Beer Run, Todd encourages the crowd: "Don't be afraid to sing out like it's church." This show includes a great intro to Conservative Christian...: "This is one I don't like to play until it's almost time to go and I know that nobody's gonna have enough time to assault me physically in any way.....I didn't mean to come up with this song to offend anybody, I was trying to point out that there was maybe gonna be more than just two of us in the world. But I was also trying to point out that I really like porn a lot, too. So this one is pretty deep."Will Kimbrough's opening set included: Piece of Work, Wicked Angela, Mr. Lee, This Modern World, Champion of the World, Godsend, Diamond in a Garbage Can, Betty Was Black (Willie Was White), I Don't Have a Gun, Yo Yo Ma, Goodnight Moon.


On Ballad of the Kingsmen:

On Talkin' Seattle Grunge Rock Blues: On Alright Guy: On Doublewide Blues: