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April 23, 2005 - Aladdin Theater - Portland, OR


Can't Complain
D.B. Cooper
Play a Train Song
Yesterdays and Used to Be's
[Judge Judy story]
Ballad of the Kingsmen
45 Miles
Crooked Piece of Time [John Prine]
All My Life
[Tillamook County intro]
Tillamook County Jail
Easy Money > It's Only Rock 'n' Roll [Rolling Stones]
This Land Is Your Land
Alright Guy
Rose City Blues
Conservative Christian...
Sideshow Blues

Enjoy Yourself
Doublewide Blues


LENGTH: 79:58
NOTES: Fade out at the end of each track.


Review by Steve Yoder:

Last night's show at the Aladdin in Portland was excellent. We got in line pretty early (like 5-ish..doors opened at 7) so we were the 3rd and 4th people in line. We were determined to get good seats. When the doors opened we headed down to the front. There's a wide open spot in front of the first row of seats at the Aladdin and they had filled it up with 5 rows of (padded) folding chairs. About half of them had RESERVED signs on, but not all. We snagged a couple seats in the 3rd row as did Doug and his friend. The RESERVED seats were being held for old high school friends of Todd's. There was a steady procession from these seats to backstage. Before things got started I headed to the merchandise table to scope things out (got a t-shirt).

Right off the bat, the South Austin Jug Band flat-out rocked the audience and the audience responded enthusiastically. SAJB can't complain about the reception that Portland gave 'em. Those boys cooked!

Todd came out looking in very high spirits. Did a lot of wide grinning. Seemed happy to be home and playing to his friends. The show seemed a little short to me and we only got two songs in the encore, but it was still a great show. He didn't tell many stories other than Judge Judy and some real short stories like the one about painting his name in the Multonomah Tunnel. Lots of references to names that only he and his classmates recognized. But the music was great. Various members of SAJB joined him on some numbers and the whole band joined on others.
Oh yeah, the best part. LuAnn and I were wandering around before we got in line. Circled the block a couple times. The tour bus was out back and the stage door was open. On one of our circumnavigations, we Todd, his guitar tech and someone else stepped out of the bus and were sort of milling around outside the stage door. We went up, introduced our selves (as Shitheads) and shook his hand. It ain't much, but it made our day.


On Tension:

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