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May 27, 2005
State Theatre - Falls Church, VA


Age Like Wine
Alcohol and Pills
What's Wrong With You
Hey Hey
D.B. Cooper
Ballad of the Kingsmen
[Judge Judy story]
Horseshoe Lake
Tension > Georgia on a Fast Train [Billy Joe Shaver]
Ballad of the Devil's Backbone Tavern
I Believe You
[45 Miles story]
45 Miles
Conservative Christian...
Alright Guy
Late Last Night
Sunshine > You Can't Always Get What You Want [Rolling Stones]
Enjoy Yourself

Play a Train Song
Age Like Wine
Heart of Gold [Neil Young]




LENGTH: 104:56
TAPER: Josh Larson


Nervous Wrecks show with Tommy Womack (bass), Paul Buchignani (drums), and Will Kimbrough (guitar). Out of respect for the recent passing of Pope John Paul II (4/2/05), Todd changes the lyrics to Alright Guy (see VARIATIONS below). Ballad of the Devil's Backbone Tavern is dedicated to Jack Ingrum and Nashville is started off with the following dedication: "I wanna send this song out to all the singers that live in Austin. I wanna send it out to just a couple of them who live in Nashville. Not Kenny Chesney. Maybe not Big & Rich. But Steve Earle. Nancy Griffith. Tommy Womack. Will Kimbrough. Tim Carroll. BR549... We don't know what the fuck we're doin' out here."

Review by Josh Larson:

I woke with a start on Fri am thinkin maybe it was all a dream...did I really see a kick ass rock n' roll show with a kick ass group of friends or was I living in an alternate reality.....After slowly lookin around the room and starting to piece the memory of the night before together I knew that it was no dream..and I had the headache to prove it...We had to get to Falls Church, VA for another show and do it all over again tonight! The opener was the same as the Baltimore show...It was a little weird this time though because they had a large contingent of very you fans at the show to see them..basically the same stuff as the night before but they also did a cool cover of You can't Always Get What You Want.....finally after talkin to the promoter and Elvis we got lugged into the sbd....the band comes out and so the shows begins...I didn't keep a setlist this night as I was too concerned with running around and visiting and drinkin and just generally goofing off.....but here's the setlist as per Sparky inexhaustible pen and notebook....The show was fantastic the band sounded much more cohesive than the night before. Although there were no big surprises in song choice we did get to hear 8 songs that weren't played the night before..Wow what a wonderful three days I had....My roommates and friends here in Philly don't understand why I travel like that but then again they don't know the music or the wonderful group of friends that comes with it....


On Age Like Wine:

  • "...which will not be as good as the first time you saw me play..."
On Ballad of the Kingsmen:
  • "He gets a lot of chicks now."
  • "It ain't gonna be because of something Eminem said in his song."
On Tension:
  • "It's called box office baby. It's bigger than John Mayer. But only slightly though."
  • "People still dig drugs. I saw a bunch of ya'll smoking grass in the parking lot before the show. I saw a bunch of these guys [the band] smoking pot on the bus before the show. People still dig drugs. They're bigger than Rush Limbaugh at his biggest."
  • "Michael Jackson. That's what scares people these days. That, just that."
On Ballad of the Devil's Backbone Tavern:
  • "I ain't seen ol' Virgy -- I guess it's probably been twenty years."
On Alright Guy:
  • "I know I'm dirty and I know I smoke about thirteen miles of dope. But it ain't like I went on TV and did something worse than that."
  • "They turned on their lights and I thought when I saw the lights, 'Hey, that's cops and they're gonna probably want to get me out of the car."

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