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July 2, 2005 - Three Crow Bar - Nashville, TN


45 Miles
Ballad of the Devil's Backbone Tavern
Good News Blues
Can't Complain
Folsom Prison Blues [Johnny Cash]
D.B. Cooper
Statistician's Blues
All My Life
Horseshoe Lake
Ballad of the Kingsmen > It's Your Thing [Isley Brothers]
Alcohol and Pills
Hey Hey
Easy Money
This Land is Our Land
Conservative Christian...
If I Could I Would [Tim Carroll]
Play a Train Song
Doublewide Blues
Late Last Night
Alright Guy
Amazing Grace


LENGTH: 88:47
TAPER: Rob Peters
NOTES: Recording begins with Good News Blues.


Billed as "Todd Snider and Friends" -- show includes Tommy Womack (guitar), Will Kimbrough (guitar), and Peter Cooper (bass). Some sound problems took place after Good News Blues. A minor mix-up on the lyrics near the end of Statistician's Blues. Molly Thomas joined in on fiddle for Alcohol and Pills through Play a Train Song.

Review by Jim Mino:

The show kicks off about 10:10 Pm after some annoying sound problems. On stage is Tommy Womack on Electric Guitar, Will on his red Electric, Peter Cooper on Base and our boy on the black Epiphone. Molly appears later on in the show on Violin. Will is wearing a Toronto Blue Jays T shirt and Todd has a Jehovahs's Fitness T shirt covered by a sweat shirt and adorned with brown Hat. Billed as Todd Snider and Friends with a 9:00 pm start the show starts about 10:10 pm. The 3 Crow Bar at Woodland and 11th Street in East Nashville is not packed but has 50-75 people in at show time. It is the bar formerly known as Slow Bar. Melita is with friends at right side of the stage. The crowd seems mostly local.


On Can't Complain:

On Ballad of the Kingsmen: On Conservative Christian...: On Doublewide Blues: On Alright Guy: