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December 27, 2005 - Southgate House - Newport, KY


Can't Complain
Ballad of the Kingsmen
Horseshoe Lake
Better Than Ever Blues, Part 2
Statistician's Blues
[K.K. Rider story] > Don't It Make You Wanna Dance [Rusty Weir]
D.B. Cooper
Rocket Fuel
Iron Mike's Main Man's Last Request
Play a Train Song
Missing You
Beer Run
I Spoke as a Child
Late Last Night > [Son of Slam story]
Easy Money > It's Only Rock 'n' Roll [Rolling Stones]
Doublewide Blues
Vinyl Records
Alright Guy
Lonely Girl
Conservative Christian...
Enjoy Yourself

Sideshow Blues
Happy New Year


LENGTH: 106:59
TAPER: Jeff Owens
NOTES: Recording momentarily cuts near the end of I Spoke as a Child.


Tension includes a very quick story about Elvis and his manager. A significant amount of static comes through during D.B. Cooper which Todd plays off as his "new special effect." As a result of the static, Todd takes a break and comes back on starting with D.B. Cooper. As Todd is trying to start Missing You, somebody from the crowd keeps yelling "fat chicks" to which Todd responds, " I don't know what the fuck you're talking about." After the song, Todd talks about people who yell for certain songs: "Unless that guys got a J with him, he can kiss my ass." A few slip ups on the words to Beer Run, Late Last Night, and Conservative Christian...


On Tension:

On Ballad of the Kingsmen: On Doublewide Blues: On Alright Guy:

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