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July 20, 2007 - Sons of Hermann Hall - Dallas, TX


Sideshow Blues
Just Like Old Times
Happy New Year
If Tomorrow Never Comes
Alcohol and Pills
My Generation, Part 2
Tillamook County Jail
All My Life
Beer Run
America's Favorite Pastime
Conservative Christian...


According to Steve Collins:

Todd comes on stage to applause, etc. and before he can even pick up his guitar this woman jumps on the stage and starts trying to talk to him. This woman wanted Todd to let her son come on stage and play with him! The kid had his guitar with him! Todd is pretty much trying to get off the back of the stage while Elvis, who is sitting at the table with us, is trying to get the woman out of the venue. Todd finally comes back completely frazzled, says “we’ll see how this goes”, messes up the words to Sideshow Blues. The rest of the crowd was great and calmed him down a bit. About three songs in he stops to say that they drove in from Nashville because he’s only missed three shows in his career due to weather and two of them were to Dallas. Again, crowd’s great, plays about an hour and gets to a new song America’s Favorite Past Time, and this guy, again, don’t know how he got in there, took the crazy lady’s seat on the front row. You can’t make this shit up. He had a small keyboard with him that he had been playing for the folks in line outside the building for change. He somehow made it to the front row. At every quiet part of the song, the guy yells “yee-haa” and is clapping loudly (this started about three songs earlier). Todd stops, gives the crowd a tutorial on rhythm, and tries to proceed. The acoustics in this place are really good (I believe that’s why he usually plays there) and this dude is clapping, yelling, and playing a miniature keyboard. Todd just couldn’t go on, so he put down the Epiphone and left. I swear to god I though Alan Funt was going to jump out any minute and tell us we were on Candid Camera.