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A HUNTSVILLE FAN - Larry - 6/13/08

Back in 2002, I's been a while. I worked with a guy and we talked about playing guitar. We both were banging around on one and so we started getting together at lunch on Friday's at his apartment to trade songs we had learned or were interested in. One Friday he invited me to listen to a guy he had discovered by buying his CD. He played the whole "New Connection" CD and said he wanted to be playing "beer run". We actually made a list with all the songs we wanted to play so I could go off and work on them. There were Dylan, Don McLean, Allman Brothers, Hootie, Creed, Skynnard, Hank Jr, Creed and Beatles songs and this Todd Snider song.

So I "learned" how to play/sing this Todd Snider song (sort of). We played together for a few months and then it got too hot to bring my guitar in and leave it in my car so we quit. I kept listening to Todd. I also eventually have gotten all his albums. My friend and I went to see Todd at the Crossroads in Huntsville. The show was even more amazing than the CDs. I have been hooked since. I love a lot of his songs. My favorite is "Long Year"............. since I and quite a few of my friends have been there/done that.........

I've been to see Todd a lot here in Huntsville and once in Birmingham at the Workplay Theatre, which we found to be a wonderful place to enjoy a Todd Snider Concert. I hope to see him there again one day.

I do recall at the Workplay in Birmingham my wife getting Todd's attention once and he sort of looked up there in the balcony with a funny look on his face. I couldn't read his thoughts and the look he gave was a puzzle too. I wish I knew those thoughts. She was about on my last nerve at that moment........... hmmm. I got over it..... so did Todd. He started singing "Highland Street Incident'. I remember the first time I saw him in Huntsville he had just come from Birmingham and this guy who had been at the Birmingham show was right beside us. He told us they had rushed Todd off-stage because another band was ready and waiting to follow him....... and then I heard the same thing from Todd himself when he started his show..... It was sort of a magic moment for me.... He played for several hours and he kept saying he was sure we didn't have to close any time soon! That is the only time I have ever heard him play the song by Kris, "To Beat the Devil." It's a favorite memory.

Todd's been here in Huntsville a lot and we love it!

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