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LIKE SON, LIKE FATHER - Matt Smith - 5/16/07

I remember browsing around a record store back in 93 and they were playing this amazing music over there in store system. I was hooked immediately and asked the clerk there who that was. He said some guy named Todd Snider. I bought it and have been hooked ever since. Since that day and several CD’s later, Todd’s music has been with me everywhere I go like an old friend. I finally got to see Todd on my birthday back in 2003 in Lexington and had the privilege of meeting Todd and he was just as I expected. Just like his music, down to earth and humble. I got my Dad listening to Todd and he’s had Hotel Rooms in his CD player since. This past February, I took Dad to see Todd at the Dame in Lexington. We didn’t get a chance to talk with Todd, but it made it all worth it to see my father laughing at Todd’s stories and singing along to his songs. I’ve never been much of a sentimental type, but I am thankful to Todd for the honesty of his music that always brings me a smile.

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