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MCA Application

Rumor has it that, during his early years as a musician, Todd submitted this application for employment to MCA. A copy of this application was included in early press kits.

[Image courtesy of eBay]

Name: Snider, Todd D.
Date of Birth: 10/11/66
Place of Birth: St. Vincent's Hospital, Portland OR
Current Residence: Memphis
Other Residence: Eden, San Marcos, TX; Santa Rosa CA

Other Names Under Which You Have Worked:
Trip Dimond, Loopy Drag, Little Joey Francis, Sky Montana, Blind Lemon Pledge, Buck Flanagan, LL JB One, Buddy, The Human Bummer

Position Applied For:
Steve Earle's Old Job

Are There Any Hours You Cannot Work:
The Eleventh hour is bad; so is the Darkest

Where Do You See Yourself In 1 Year? 5? 10?
I don't see myselfin years, I see myself in miles

Are You Licensed To Operate Heavy Machinery?
Are you kidding. I was raised by a wild pack of heavy machinery
I can't drive a car, though. Someone has to come get me.

Have You Ever Been Incarcerated? If So Please Explain.
Protesting a seat belt law in Texas.

Have You Ever Worked For This Company Before? If So Under What Name
Tony Brown

Opening Act:
Jerry Jeff Walker, Bob Dylan, Dryvin-n-Cryin, Warren Zevon, Cracker (almost), Billy Joe Shaver, Leo Kettle, Leon Redbone, The Connells, Dave Mason, the Subdues, The Guess Who, Son of Slam, Jimmy Buffett, Ray Price

Records That Influenced Me:
"Run through the Jungle" - CCR
"Breifcase full of Blues" - Blues Brothers
"One More for the Road" - Lynard Skynard
"Paradice with an Ocean View" - Country Joe MacDonald
"Town and Country" - the Rave Ups
"Gypsy Song Man" - Jerry Jeff Walker
"Old Five and Dimers" - Billy Joe Shaver
"Spooky Lady's Sideshow" - Kris Kirstoferson
"Greates Hits Vol 2" - Bob Dylan
"Mystery Road" - Dryvin-n-Cryin

Carrer Highlights:
The day I figured I was gonna do this
Songwriter's night at Chetham St. Warehouse, San Marcos, TX
First Thursday night at the Daily Planet
Opening for Jimmy Buffett
Meeting Tony Brown
Cut on Rick Trevino's album

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