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Road Journals - Vol 3 (March 2003)
My Name's Todd Snider

Hey everyone... and welcome to the new web site. I started keeping a journal for it In december... this should be the third entry. The plan now is to have three or four entries up when the site opens may 13th or close to it. I don't want to go any further into my portion of the program without first thanking bart bacon in Colorado for putting this together and to jack ingram for introducing me to bart.

i also don't want to go any further into my portion of the program without thanking my buddy kirk lockhart and my other buddy shawn z. for putting up and maintaining such great web sites for so long... and I especially want to thank them for their help and cooperation with this new one... you two are saints... and not to slight you shawn but even you know how long ago kirk started his ... so... kirk, I've decided that the next studio record will have a thunderous punk rock hidden track in your eternal honor ... it's the least I can do...

So why a web site now? some of you know I signed away my t-shirt rights backstage at a buffet show in 1995. I think I got a sandwich and a ride back to the hotel... people laugh at me for this but they don¹t relize how big the sandwich was or how far we were from the hotel so... you know... i... uh... stand by my decision... if any of you are ever in need of a manager or negotiater I am available... anyway... this year I finally managed to convince the guy to let me out of the deal... now I got my tshirt rights back and thus the website.. and my new friend bart's garage full of t-shirts hope you dig the web site and the shirts...

So that's the entry for march I guess... mostly I was home playing guitar for the construction guys adding on to our house... the best part of the month was watching nascar at mike markeeeeeeeees house... and listening to zepplin in the bar afterwords...

I also went over to tommy womacks house and played guitar all day one day this month... the highlight was that some guy from his neigborhood was walking his dog and stopping in front of tommy's literally every twenty minutes... .well... if you look up paranoia in some dictionaries you'll see a photo of me and tommy passing a joint back and forth... so by the fourth time the guy stopped in the yard tommy had convinced himself that the guy was casing his house... i did little to discourage his fears for hope of some action... brothers and sisters let me tell you - there was action... it would be impossible to describe the scene other than to call it hunter thompsonish...

"just what in the god damn world is going on out here!? You think I don't know!? You think your dealing with children here!?" he screamed as he turned on his hose

"Ill show you children you son of a bitch!... "

"shower him tommy" I yelled.."shower the thiefing bastard"

Ah yes... Good times... good times. Anyway, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. I didn't come here and im not leaving.

If theres any of you out there checking this web site that have never heard of me before... My name is todd snider and ive been driving around for fifteen years making this shit up and singing it to anybody that will listen to it. Some of its funny some of its sad some of its short some of them go on longer than others and sometimes I¹ll ramble on for as many as eighteen minutes... in between the songs. This one I don't say nothing I just play... B double e double r - u - n Beer run......................................................

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